Our History

A Humble Beginning

In 1995, a ministry called The Shepherd’s Way was founded by local veterinarian Fred Scarbrough who felt a calling to help families and individuals facing homelessness.

On Thanksgiving Day of that year, with no money, staff or formal plan, The Shepherd’s Way housed its first family, a mother, father and five-month-old baby girl who had no place to spend the night, and no baby food. Using rooms at various hotels paid by volunteers, The Shepherd’s Way began housing families.

Engaging the Community

As the homeless epidemic continued to grow through the years, The Shepherd’s Way expanded programs and services to better assist those in need. Partnering with local churches in 2008, the ministry introduced a community housing program called Faith In Action that provided safe places for families to stay while they awaited placement into mainstream shelters.

As other partnerships and alliances arose in response to the homeless crisis, a continuum of care began to take shape, offering comprehensive services and resources such as a food pantry, shared mass meals, childcare, and financial literacy counseling.

The Story of HOPE

In 2010, eight of the largest churches in the Fort Lauderdale area joined with The Shepherd’s Way to launch HOPE South Florida. The idea, then and now, is to work collectively to “Build Hope, Housing and Community” as part of a holistic approach to homelessness.

Today, HOPE South Florida continues to grow and gain momentum as more churches, businesses and individuals seek to be part of the solution. Contributing their time, talent and resources, they help us transform the lives of those who once found themselves homeless.

In many ways, our story is just getting started. Join us, and let’s fill it with hope, purpose, and compassion in action.