Landlords for HOPE

The Need
Across our community over 900 families are facing homelessness. HOPE South Florida offers Rapid-Rehousing for families in Broward county who are struggling to secure and maintain a safe place to call home. For many of these families they have no support or ways to access resources, which is where the HOPE South Florida team comes in, together in partnership with landlords who have a heart to give back to families in crisis.


Landlord Benefits
The deepest benefit for landlords partnering with HOPE South Florida is the ability to make a life-changing impact for a local family in need. Without these community-driven landlords, struggling families would have even fewer options across Broward County.


There are other, practical benefits for participating landlords as well.


 Efficiency & Savings
Our team has a steady stream of interested families which means you have little to no vacancies with very little turnover. With less turnover on tenants you save on cleaning and repair costs and have no advertising cost to secure new tenants.


– Financial Security
Because these families are backed by HOPE South Florida you’ll receive timely payments each month, plus signing incentives and security deposits provided by our team.


– Logistical Support
Every family is paired with a HOPE South Florida case manager who is available to you for any issue that could arise with a tenant.


  • Will my property be subject to inspection? – Yes. A Case Manager or Housing Navigator will arrange an inspection of your property prior to a tenant moving in. You will be provided with details on what inspectors are looking for and how to prepare your unit(s) for inspection.
  • How much can I charge for rent? – You may determine the price of rent for your unit, however the rent amount must meet HUD’s rent reasonableness standard to ensure that rents being paid are reasonable in relation to rents being charged for comparable unassisted units in the same market. Fair Market Rates (FMRs), regularly published by HUD, represent the cost to rent a moderately-priced dwelling unit in the local housing market.
  • How will I get paid? – You will receive timely payment via ACH (preferred) or check in the mail.
  • Who can see my listings? – Listings are not publicly viewable and is managed by HOPE’s Housing Navigator and shared access with case managers. The Housing Navigator and the Case Managers search for housing criteria that matches the needs of our families. If a match is made, the Housing Navigator will contact you directly.

For more information on becoming a partnering landlord with HOPE South Florida contact Trevant Richardson at or (954) 566-2311, ext. 4265.


If you are an existing landlord, access payments here.