Understanding Homelessness

A common misconception is that individuals and families are facing homelessness because of poor choices. 

The National Coalition to End Homelessness lists the top five causes of homelessness as:
1) Lack of affordable housing
2) Lack of a living wage
3) Domestic violence
4) Medical bankruptcy
5) Mental illness

You may believe most people experiencing homelessness are unemployed.

But in reality, rising rents and declining wages have put housing out of reach for many workers, Broward County is in the midst of an extreme affordable housing crisis. HOPE South Florida serves a significant numbers of full-time wage earners, illustrating the link between impoverished workers and homelessness.

Another common misconception is that only single men face homelessness.

While single men have historically made up the largest percentage of people facing homelessness, recent trends show women and families as a large and growing percentage of this population. Families now make up about one third of the total population experiencing homelessness. Over 900 families are currently facing homelessness right here in Broward County.