Rapid Re-Housing

HOPE South Florida’s Rapid Re-Housing program provides housing solutions for families facing homelessness in Broward County.

In partnership with Broward County, this rapid re-housing assists individuals and families with short-term rental assistance and support services to quickly return them to permanent housing.

The program is driven by negotiations with landlords from the community and congregations who are willing to participate. Grant funding from Broward County, United Way of Broward County and family foundations, plus financial support from donors, help cover the typical first, last and security costs of up to $6,000. With HOPE South Florida backing the family, landlords have assurance of payment.

Depending on the grant, in some cases a family can also receive up to an 80% subsidy on their monthly rent while our housing specialist and case managers work to help them increase their income.

If you are experiencing homelessness and need help, contact the Homeless Helpline at 954-563-4357. You will be accessed and then referred to HOPE.