A Parent’s Story

My name is Schardesca, a single mother of three that had to leave the father of my children. I moved in with my mother in the Fort Lauderdale area and registered at Broward College with the intent to earn a B.A. degree in Business Management. I currently work part time at Sun Life Stadium at $8.50 an hour. I only receive $66.00 in child support every two weeks.

My mother has been babysitting for my infant, Marissa, as well as my four-year-old Richard so I could go to school during the day but the responsibility had gotten too difficult for her and I was left to paying for daycare once again. That’s where God’s Little Lambs (the childcare ministry of HOPE South Florida) came to the rescue!

The regular tuition fees for my two children would of been $140 per week for my infant and $110 per week for my four-year-old. There was no way I could afford it. However, God’s Little Lambs was able to give me 40% scholarship so that I could continue to attend college and become self-sufficient.

I’ve just completed my first semester and now am into my second semester at Broward College.

Thank you God’s Little Lambs – thank you HOPE South Florida.

Posted by: Schardesca
September 8, 2011

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