Every Monday Night we have the opportunity to share in Praise and Worship with Coral Springs United Methodist Church and the Dining With Jesus ministry. Last night as Denny and I were leaving, there was a gentleman that was walking that had been there for the worship and meal. We asked him if he needed a ride somewhere, as it was raining. He shared with us that his bike had been stolen earlier that day with his sneakers. He was now in flip flops. He said he worked a part time up in Pompano and he could probably get $40 to get shoes. We took him there and then ended up at K-Mart, where no clue to him, the Lord placed on Denny’s heart to purchase the sneakers and backpack that he needed. We can’t do that for all but we can here and there.

It was a blessing to help him and be the hands of Jesus. Prayerfully it made a difference in his life and that he saw Jesus working in his life. It blessed us as we spent a few hours with him!

What a joy to serve!! The Lord placed that on our hearts and our hearts were just smiling to see his face light up with hope! Thank you for allowing us to serve alongside with you!



Phoenix Parker Ministires, Inc.

Posted by: Diana
November 1, 2011

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