Chastity’s Story

My story starts while I am six months pregnant and being told that I can no longer work for the company that I had been working with for 2 ½ years, due to the possible endangerment to my unborn child. I was very disappointed and afraid not only because I was pregnant but because my boyfriend and I had just paid first, last and security on an apartment that we could barely afford. We decided to move in because the rental office said it was too late to take back the deposit due to the fact that they held the apartment for us for about a week. We were doing good paying our bills on time and were very happy that we had just brought a beautiful baby boy into the world. After 8 ½ months of maintaining our bills, my boyfriend lost his job due to the economy.

We called 211 and every other agency we could in order to get financial help to save our home. When I was told that no company had funds to assist us, I decided to put our names on the waiting list for a homeless shelter, which I never thought that I would do. We waited for a call from a shelter and kept updating our names on the waiting list for about 1 ½ months before we were called by The Shepherd’s Way, Faith in Action program, letting us know that there was an opening. Right before I received the call from The Shepherd’s Way, my boyfriend was called back to work, but it was too late to save our apartment.

We went to Shepherds Way and we are very much thankful for the roof that has been provided to us. I am now finishing my schooling for medical assistant and will be working for the doctor’s office that I am currently interning. I am thankful for all that has happened while I have been at The Shepherd’s Way and I am looking forward to the future and all that lies ahead.

Posted by: Anonymous
August 3, 2011

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