Foreclosure To Hope

It’s been a few years but I haven’t forgotten anything. It was November 15, 2009 and we were told to leave our residence. Our belongings were put outside and we started to move our stuff into our friends foreclosed home.

We purchased a 10×16 tent and set up camp behind this foreclosed home next to the canal in Tamarac. We ran some cords, so we could have TV and charge our phones. We paid the overdue water bill in order for us to take a shower and use the toilet. We couldn’t stay in the house, due to the woman being mentally disturbed.

But then my mom lost her second of three jobs. Times looked as if they were getting harder. Mom wasn’t working full day time jobs due to the recession. We contacted Salvation Army, our synagogue, and daily we contacted 211. Around January 12, we received a call from Faith in Action that Christ Church would be able to keep us for a week and after that we moved into Paul’s Place.

I am now finishing up 10th grade and we are discussing either moving to Las Vegas to reunite with my brother or staying here and getting an apartment. I’m just grateful we now have choices and things are better – thank you!

Posted by: “Evan”
June 21, 2012

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