My Accidental Story Of HOPE

My name is Noah, and a few weeks back I volunteered with a meal night for TasteHOPE Mobile, HOPE South Florida’s program of shared meals for homeless individuals. Being my first time I asked a lot of questions both of the guests and fellow volunteers.

I quickly learned the basics of how “the system” works and all the services that are (and aren’t) available for the homeless in Broward. Needless to say it was an eye opening, meaningful time. I was ministered to more so than the guests I shared a meal with.

Well, this afternoon I was shopping at The Office Depot and while I was checking out the clerk commented on my HOPE South Florida volunteer t-shirt and asked me about the organization. To make a long story short, the clerk shared his personal story with me on how he was on the verge of homelessness, working 2 part time jobs, living in a halfway house and proceeded to ask me if I knew what he should do if he faced homelessness in a few weeks.

I walked him through the system of care in our community and provided him with the appropriate information. I felt so honored to bring a little bit of HOPE to this gentleman’s life all because I served at HOPE.

Thank you for all you guys do. What an amazing ministry. Please pray for Tom. I hope to check up on him in a few weeks.

Posted by: Noah LaCross
June 20, 2012

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