Thank You! Just Thank You!

Dear Ms. Pat, Ronel and HOPE South Florida team,

Thank you so much for giving our family a safe place to live. It is people like you, kindhearted people that make me still have faith to go on.

You let me know that there are really people out there in this world that care for people like us, the less fortunate.

Thank you for going out of your way to keep us comfortable and safe, it really means a lot.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and God sent you to us in our time of need. You’re a really huge blessing in all our lives, and when my family gets through this time of darkness, I promise I will never forget your guys.

Thank you so much for giving us a second chance. Thank you for believing in our family when no one else would. Honestly I do not know how to thank you enough. Just thank you!! Thank you so much!!

Jessica Hultstrand, (age 14), on behalf of my family.

Posted by: The Hultstrand Family
August 2, 2012

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